Relocating to Lafayette


Thinking about moving to a new city or a new state is always going to be a big decision, but doing your research will make the decision that much easier. If you are considering moving to Lafayette, we can assist in getting you the information that will help you figure out when and where you… [Read More]

Understanding Short Sales


The term short sale is pretty common in the housing industry but not many know the details behind the process of listing a home for short sale unless it’s necessary. It’s typically not a situation you want to find yourself in as homes are listed via short sale when the homeowner can no longer afford… [Read More]

Building Credit When Buying a Home


Anytime you decide you take out a loan, your credit is going to be considered when determining the rate at which you borrow funds. The better your credit, the lower your interest rate, and therefore the less you pay overall. Your credit score is determined by your credit worthiness, or how likely it is that… [Read More]

Understanding Closing Costs


When you decide to purchase a home, there’s going to be a lot of terms and questions that come up from the very start. This might be intimidating but the more research you do, the more you learn and it doesn’t feel quite so daunting. Whether you’re just starting to consider your first time home… [Read More]

The Mortgage Approval Process


The decision to purchase a home is a big deal for most people, especially those that are purchasing a home for the first time. If you are just starting the process, or even if you are browsing homes online, one thing that you’ll want to take into account is your financing as well as the… [Read More]

FHA Cash-Out Refinancing


FHA loans are a great way for first time home buyers to secure financing to purchase a home especially if they have less than perfect credit or lack a large down payment. FHA loans are accessible to a wide range of people and are backed by the government so they aren’t as risky as other… [Read More]

Refinancing Your Mortgage


What Is Refinancing? When you purchase a home you most likely took out a mortgage to buy a home. If you choose to get a new mortgage to replace the first one, that is called refinancing. If you’re credit is in good shape, refinancing can save you some money by adjusting your interest rate from… [Read More]

Choosing The Right Neighbor


Making the decision to purchase a home is not something that anyone takes lightly. It is generally the most expensive and most important decision many people make in their lives. Not only do you have to figure out the basics like how you want to pay for it and what kind of down payment can… [Read More]

Why Do I Need to Get the Home I Want to Buy Inspected?


The biggest question surrounding home inspections is: do I need one? The short answer is no, it’s not necessary to buy a home, but that does not mean it’s not a good idea to have one. A home inspection may slow down the process and add a little extra cost to your home purchase but… [Read More]

Boost Your Credit Scores With These 5 Tips


The key factor that lenders consider when it comes to determining the amount and the rate at which you borrow funds is your credit score. Your credit score is determined by your credit worthiness, or how likely it is that you will be able to repay the amount of money loaned to you. Many people… [Read More]